Holt Ballet Conservatory offers performing opportunities to all its students. Yelena Holt has an extensive background in ballet theater, dramatic theater, musical theater, and light opera. She is classically trained in ballet and piano, has directed community dramatic and musical theater, has taught in public high schools the subjects of drama, ballet, concert dance, voice, and choir, and has performed in professional ballet and drama companies. She brings this love of theater to her ballet conservatory with twice yearly productions of scenes from classical ballets. All performance ready H.B.C. students are invited to participate in these public concerts.

Dress Etiquette and Conduct

• Ages 3-18 girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes.
• Adult Ladies: black leotard, pink or black tights. pink ballet technique slippers.
• Ages 3-adult males: white tee top (or leo), black tights/leggings or bike shorts for summer; white ankle socks; white or black ballet slippers
• Hair Ladies: a tidy bun, bangs pinned out of face.
• Hair Males: Short or pulled out of face and off the neck.
• Limit jewelry to small pieces.
• No gum or food during class.
• We encourage students to arrive 10 minutes early to class to quietly stretch and warm up. Late arrivals: After 5 minutes wait to be assigned to a barre; after 15 minutes it is disruptive to the students in the class to adjust their placement at the barre, so please enter quietly, sit, and observe the lesson for the day.
• Please call before class when you know you must be absent for the lesson. Missed classes must be made up within the month the original class was missed.